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The co-founders of Breast Cancer Reconstruction Choices (BCRC) all hail from the same small community on the Central Coast of California.  All three were diagnosed with breast cancer in their 30’s and subsequently underwent chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormone therapy and breast surgery.  Each had to make hard choices about breast reconstruction. Although Shannon, Hayley and Margerie varied in their individual paths to the final destination of reconstructed breasts.  

Since information about breast reconstruction was not readily available at the time, this road was not well traveled, nor well documented before their journey to breast reconstruction. Hayley, Margerie and Shannon vowed to make it easier for women facing mastectomy to be informed of their choices.  They decided to gather as much information as possible about breast reconstruction and create a website which was patient friendly, as well as very informative.

And thus Breast Cancer Reconstruction Choices was created with the goal of empowering women facing breast reconstruction. BCRC features information about many different reconstructive options as well as the goals of breast reconstruction surgery.  BCRC also shares the benefits and reality of breast reconstruction from a patient’s point of view.  Hayley, Shannon and Margerie will be traveling to breast cancer survivor conventions all over the country representing BCRC and sharing their experiences with breast reconstruction. Please see our blog for our convention schedule!

Hayley Townley lives her best life as a realtor and breast cancer advocate in San Luis Obispo, California.  She is the creator of There is Life After Breast Cancer, a book series about moving beyond a breast cancer diagnosis. Hayley also created a local cancer support group for young survivors. She loves spending time with her furry husband and dogs. She likes to write, decorate, feng shui, throw parties, hike, dress up for Halloween and play roller hockey in all her spare time.

Shannon D’Acquisto also lives on the Central Coast of California.  She is a tireless advocate for breast cancer and young adult cancer patients and survivors.  Shannon began her cancer journey at the age of 32 and began her reconstruction with saline implants, after the complete deflations she felt she had to look for a better option. She is also developing a patient advocacy program and website called The Patient Voice, about being your own best advocate.  Shannon is married to a wonderfully supportive husband and she has three great kids.  In all her spare time, she is a medical marketing consultant and home stager.

Margerie Manning lives in San Luis Obispo County with her active family. She found herself battling breast cancer in 2005 and pioneered the way for women in her small community to find the gold standard of breast reconstruction by searching way outside her city limits.  She shared her breast reconstruction journey at the local cancer support group that she helped create.  In all her spare time she is a wife, mother, retired dentist, jewelry maker and illustrator for There is Life After Breast Cancer. She also likes ranch dressing and riding bikes.


This page is a work in progress we will be adding stories photos and more insight soon - please check back then or contact us directly for patient testimonials or reconstruction photos. Coming soon- C4YW 2012 lots of reconstruction photos and success stories!

Events where you can meet the team:

  • AONN, Academy of Oncology Nurse Navigators - Phoenix, AZ -September 2012
  • C4YW 2013 Seattle - February 2013
  • Be sure to check our page for other events
  • Do you know of a conference we should attend? Please email us
It’s a journey!

We will document the journey of our survivors and our team- check back for updates.

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